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PGI-250BK / CLI-251CMYK XL Cleaning Cartridge Set
PGI-250BK / CLI-251CMYK XL Cleaning Cartridge Set

Our Price: $54.50


This item includes a Premium XL Cleaning Fluid Cartridge Multi-Pack (Large Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black), which is a newly released inkjet compatible printer cartridge that is automatically ready for print! This package contains one set of edible ink cartridge pre-filled with Premium Cleaning Fluid, for use with Canon printers that utilize the Canon PGI-280 & CLI-281 ink cartridges.

Edible Supply
® Premium Quality Edible Inks are FDA compliant and are the absolute best quality inks for your cake and bakery food products. These inks fulfill all edible ink highest standards, printing beautiful prints for cake decorators and bakers. Our high quality premium edible inks are Made in the USA, and allow you to produce brilliantly colored edible images. All of our edible ink cartridges are factory-sealed and packaged in strong sturdy secure boxes.