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Some customers have inquired as to why we do not support or carry any of the new bottom loading design Canon printers and cartridges for edible printing.

Upon performing extensive testing, we at Edible Supply® have determined, by the results and evidence, that these Canon models are not suitable for edible printing due to the bottom loading design of these new printers. Here is an illustration of how the new bottom loading Canon printers work and why they are not recommended for edible printing. Their process could cause extensive problems such as cracking your edible paper, jamming your printer gears when printing small circles, attaching and accumulating dust onto your edible paper and in fact, in worst case scenarios, clog and ruin your printer beyond repair.

With the 180┬░ degree bending feature of these printers while the edible paper is feeding to print, such delineations as small circles, and others, the edible paper is more likely to crack, jam, and ruin your edible printer as it is print processing.

These Canon models are not suitable for edible printing and model number listed below:

PIXMA MG5420 / PIXMA MG5422 / PIXMA MG5520 / PIXMA MG5522 / PIXMA MG5620
PIXMA MG5622 / PIXMA MG6320 / PIXMA MG6420 / PIXMA MG6620 / PIXMA MG7120


PIXMA iP7220 / PIXMA iP8720

PIXMA iX6820

Therefore, because of this bottom loading design of Canon's new printers, we do NOT support or carry these printers.

We at Edible Supply, without reservation, recommend only using "top loading" design printers for edible printing. Please contact us with questions or concerns you might have regarding this issue.