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About Us

Edible Supply® was established and is built on the highest business and personal values of quality through honest marketing and professionalism, annually updated FDA registration and inspection of food products and facility.

The all-encompassing mission of Edible Supply® is to provide baking industries and professional, as well as at-home decorating artists, with over-the-top quality edible picture, photo, logo, event and celebrative images that exude vivid color, are managed with ease, while upholding the highest standard of food safety consumption.

By manufacturing products made in the USA, in a Federal Drug Administration, FDA, and Los Angeles County Health Department, LACHD, registered and inspected, California food product certified facility, we provide the highest standard to guarantee freshness and food safety.

We are driven, purposed to create, manufacture and partner products that will present every baker, pastry chef and edible decorating artist the optimal opportunity to indulge in an enriching creative endeavor with greater ease and assurance of food safety, along with the guarantee of top quality Edible Supply® products.

We offer the complete line of Edible Supply ®system, products and supplies:

* All-in-One Cake Printing System
* Edible Printing Printers
* Edible InkJet Cartridges
* Edible Ink Refill Kits
* Edible Papers
* Silicone Shapes
* Edible Printing Service
* AirBrush Color

We regard food product safety as an absolute substantial part of our business philosophy and ethical stance toward our customers and the value we place therein. Therefore, it is vital in all we do, are and to all we serve to provide Edible ink printers with our highest recommendations and Edible ink cartridges, specializing as the sole manufacturers of edible ink cartridges, CLICK to see excellence in quality and safety.

We make it our "job" to make your "job" easier and your finished art food product safe, fresh and a delight to serve and eat!

Edible Supply®