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About Edible Inks

Edible Supply’s cartridges provide you with brilliant photo quality and vivacious color graphics at an affordable price. Our newest Edible Supply inks are designed to create crisp color, sharp shapes, gorgeous glamour, poignant pictures, and just overall amazing images that are embedded in or raised up out of your confectionary art ­­piece, using frosting sheets.

1. What is Edible ink?

Edible inks are specially formulated ‘ink-jet-able’ food-grade coloring mixtures purposed for printing onto edible food-grade icing sheet paper, by means of an edible ink and edible paper compatible printer used solely for edible printing. The colors are matched and equaled to regular use inks; then modified and strengthened to hold their coloring effectively on the frosting or icing sheet.

2. Is Edible ink safe to consume?

Absolutely! Our Edible inks are produced with FDA approved ingredients. Furthermore and unique to Edible Supply, our Edible ink cartridges are made from FDA approved plastics and 100% SpongeFree design, which are free from filth and pathogens, void the propagation of bacteria and direct contact with food elements.

WARNING! NEVER EVER swap-out edible ink with standard ink cartridges on the same printer, as residue from standard ink CONTAMINATES the edible ink.

Note the importance of using the appropriate and best printers, inks and all supplies throughout our storehouse of goods. Links to the evaluation of printers and the SpongeFree® cartridges.

3. What do you need to start printing?

You simply need a compatible printer, edible ink cartridges and edible paper to put you on track for lots of creative fun and delicacies to savor and share! These supplies and accessories are our specialty and can be found in our store and online listings. This novel decorating technology allows you to possess a wide range of selection using either your own personalized picture for special occasions, such as a family, friend, co-worker or neighbor’s birthday, school or community sports team, anniversary celebration, family or group reunion personalized on your confection art, or choose a favorite character legally downloaded from a website. The possibilities are endless, as is the delight of the creative process, resulting with pride of an enthusiastic art confection product!