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100% Sponge Free® (No Wick/No Sponge) Cartridge - The New Standard

Many consumers are wondering why we should use a 100% Sponge Free® ( No Wick/No Sponge) Cartridge for edible printers. Why can’t we just use the same wick/sponge cartridge for edible ink?

The printer manufacturing industry, including Epson, HP and Canon, designs ink cartridges for normal document and photo printing purposes. These wick/sponge cartridges are not intended for use in the food industry, especially not in the edible image market. Yet most edible ink companies just replicate the OEM cartridge design or even use their own recycled products for the food industry, a practice which is very irresponsible. As we all know, with moisture and at room temperature, sponges can easily become contaminated by molds, yeast, and bacteria. In most cases, these harmful microscopic particles can’t be seen by the naked eye. However, they will be printed onto your cake, cupcake, or cookie and consumed by your loved ones or sold to your customers, ruining the pleasant experience of the edible image if you know what’s inside. If you want to know more details about "Bacteria in Sponges" just type "Bacteria in Sponges" into a major search engine such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, or Bing.

Safety and sanitation are our first concerns. By using 100% Sponge Free® (No Wick/No Sponge) Design Cartridges for edible ink, consumers can reduce chemical reactions, prevent bacterial growth, keep ink color vivid, and ensure ink stability for a long shelf life.

What Is So Unique About 100% Sponge Free® Cartridge?

First of all, our new 100% Sponge Free®(No Wick/No Sponge) cartridge requires ink that conforms to higher standards. Our edible ink has already been purified and filtered during the ink-making process in our facility, and we use only the most advanced filtering system to maintain low volatility and to prevent nozzles from clogging the print head.

In addition, we use only 100% brand new raw materials in the manufacture of our ink cartridges; we do not mix any recycled plastic into our products, so you can see our ink tanks are clean and clear, not cloudy. The best part is that, as a result of our cutting-edge design, there is more empty space inside the cartridge for adding more ink. Extra ink capacity is an added value of this new design, but the most important part of all is that all of the ink in the SpongeFree® cartridge is 100% useable, which means “all the ink you can see, all the ink you can use,” till the very last drop. In the traditional sponge-based cartridges, in which the sponge already soaks up a significant amount of ink, you can see the extra ink, but you cannot drain it from the sponge and use it. You either need to refill the cartridge or buy a new set—a big waste, considering the price that you paid for the ink.

Why Are Wick/Sponges Used In Ink Cartridges?

The wick/sponge is not for filtering purposes.
The main role of the sponge in a cartridge is to keep the pressure balanced and to prevent ink from leaking out of the ink tank. The sponge does not offer a filtering feature. If the cartridge has been manufactured properly, the ink supplier should have pre-filtered its ink before selling it on the market. To count on the sponge to filter the ink is to hope it will do what it isn’t designed to do. Your supplier should use a filtering system to clean the ink. It should not depend on the sponge to filter it.

If you have ever refilled Canon sponge cartridges a few times, then you have discovered the sponge cartridges begin to leak ink. This leakage occurs because, over time, the sponge begins to shrink in the ink tank, so that more ink can travel through it. In fact, a sponge can’t hold that much ink at all, and when it becomes saturated, the pressure balance is lost. The cutting-edge design of our cartridges maintains pressure without the use of unsanitary wick/sponges.

Also, remember, wick/sponge cartridges are not designed for edible ink. It is too easy for them to become contaminated by bacteria and many other germs hiding inside the wick/sponge.

Will Using SpongeFree® Cartridges Clog My Printer Head More Easily?

All brands of inkjet printers will clog if you don’t use the printer for a period of time. The reason for this is that ink dries on the print head itself, causing clogging. If your vendor has told you that sponge cartridges can filter the edible ink, ask your vendor if he can guarantee that sponge cartridges will prevent ink from clogging the print head. In other words, is he saying the printer will no longer clog if you use a cartridge that has sponge? Also, ask your vendor if sponge is safe to use for edible ink. Please have him put it down in writing as our company does, to protect you & customers safety.